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Foamex Signs

Our flexible PVC sheets also known as rigid foam or Foamex provide a constantly smooth and bright surface which is versatile, flexible, light weight and durable. Ideal for signs on a budget

Commonly used at 5mm, our Foamex can range from 1mm – 30mm in thickness and up to 3000mm x 1560mm in size.

PVC Foam is perfect for:

General Signage

PVC Foam is not as durable as aluminium composite or raw aluminium but is perfect for signage on a budget. Ideal as inserts for replacements for your existent sign frame. Excellent for internal signage and at lighter lower thicknesses (i.e. 2mm) can be used for hanging signs.

Site Boards

Generally sold at 800mm x 600mm, site boards are generally supplied in 5mm PVC Foam. When covered in your choice of text/ print, site boards are the perfect way to advertise your business on site while you work. At the customers consent these can be left on site for an agreed period of time or taken with you to the next job. These can be supplied at your requested size/ design.

Life Size Cut Outs

Life size cut outs can be used for parties, functions or promotional opportunities and are a great way of catching people’s attention. Generally made from 10mm PVC Foam and backed with a strongly structured strut you can stand these at your function to advertise your product.

safety Signs

We’ve all seen the safety signs around the office I.e. no smoking, fire extinguisher. These are generally made from 3 or 5 mm PVC foam as they are light weight and can easily applied to the wall using screws or double sided tape.


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